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Composition / Motion Graphics Score for Janggu

Cognitive Sound Image (2013)

Deborah Kim


This is a concert video of Cognitive Sound Image (CSI) during Deborah Kim's Premiere Composition concert in 2013 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Australia.


The Cognitive Sound Image (CSI) is an audiovisual piece composed for Korean percussion instrument Janggu and the visual is comprised of a motion graphic score (MGS) designed by the composer where the Janggu notations and moving images inform every aspect of the performance. The creation of new types of notation not only means the development of traditional musical notations but also contributes to the advancement of playing methods and styles. The composer’s appreciation of traditional and historical aesthetics of Korean music are reinterpreted in a modern context and visualized through two movements with contrasting music and images in the MGS. The cultural, traditional and historical dimensions, and the aesthetics variety and complexity embedded in the visual component of the work enlightens and elevates one’s musical experience and aesthetic appreciation. 

The MGS in this work acts as a communicational device that is first interpreted by the performer, and then understood by the audience through the embodied movements of the performer. Here, the exposure of music cognition processes take place by having the encoding/decoding processes shared between the audience and performer during the execution of the work. This unique form of communication and artistic practices facilitates traditional performances one step closer to the contemporary audience and can foster new realms of music cognition within electroacoustic music.

The main purpose behind this work consists of enlarging the boundaries of traditional music through computer music technology as a mediator that serves to generate new modes of communication, creative expression and dynamical experience in music performances.


 전통적인 장구 심볼을 바탕으로 김드보라의 새로운 연주 기법/타법에 의해 디자인 된

 창의적이고 혁신적인 새로운 장구 심볼, "인식적사운드이미지" 입니다

New Janggu Symbols designed by Deborah Kim

Copyright 2013 Deborah Kim All images cannot be copied without permission

새로운 장구 심볼 디자인 by 김드보라

든 저작권은 김드보라에게 있습니다.  모든 사진들은 허가없이 복사할 수 없습니다.   

Journal Publication

Kim, D. (2014). Cognitive Sound Image: The creative compositional process involved in electroacoustic       

audiovisual music and motion graphics score designing. Emille, 12, 25-29.

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For purchasing a hard copy of the journal, please email to emille[at]


Movement I  ㅂ ㅏ ㄷ ㅏ  (the sea:  [bada])

Movement II 도ㅅ ㅣ (the city:  [doshi])

Motion Graphics Score for Janggu

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