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Composition / Motion Graphics Score for Janggu

Chil-Chae for Kkwaenggwari and Motion Graphics Score 2020 

Deborah Kim


/Selected work for the International Computer Music Conference in 2020/2021 (Santiago, Chile). Chil-Chae is an audiovisual work composed for a percussion instrument, Kkwaenggwari (a small flat gong used in the folk music of Korea). The visual comprises a motion graphic score designed by the composer where the newly designed Kkwaenggwari notations and moving images inform various aspects of the performance. This work focuses on the Korean traditional Chil-chae rhythm (literally meaning "seven strikes") and narrates Seven Days of Creation through seven images, visual textures and dynamic rhythms of Korea. The primary purpose of this work consists of introducing a new mode of communication through MGS and creating a dynamic experience by enlarging the boundaries of traditional music through computer music technology.

+Currently this work is being streamed on-demand, during the whole duration of the 2021 International Computer Music Conference in Santiago, Chile. [More Information]

 '칠채'는 한국의 전통 악기인 꽹과리를 위해 작곡된 시청각 작품이다. 영상은 작곡가가 새롭게 디자인한 꽹과리 기호와 움직이는 영상이 결합하여 라이브 연주의 다양한 측면을 알려주는 모션그래픽스코어(MGS)로 구성됐다. '징이 일곱번 친다'는 의미의 칠채는 7장의 사진과 역동적인 리듬을 통해 그 이야기를 풀어간다. 이 작품의 주요 목적은 MGS를 통한 새로운 소통 방식을 도입하고, 컴퓨터 음악 기술을 통해 전통 음악의 경계를 넓힘으로써 역동적인 경험을 창조하는 것이다.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.41.15 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.42.20 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.41.31 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.42.33 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.41.53 PM
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